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The main success factor of the project is the active participation of the faculty members. To avoid burdening the faculty members with additional workload, there will be a support group which will develop courses in digital form in accordance with predefined templates from GUnet.

The faculty members will provide the educational material, will give all the necessary instructions to the support team and will check the material before its publication.

Central Support Team

The central support team will coordinate and consult the faculty members about the development of the Open Courses, will train the local support groups, will provide hosting services for the Open Courses, will test and certify the technical and functional specifications (except for the content), will support the live broadcast and recording of the lectures, will process the multimedia content, etc.

Local Support Group

The local support group will have direct communication with the Academic Departments, will know the scientific fields of the Department, will have experience in using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and asynchronous learning platforms and will have pedagogical skills.

The members of the support team will be responsible for structuring the courses, for processing the slides and notes so that they meet the proper accessibility standards, for dividing the educational material into sections and lectures, and for integrating the multimedia content of the lectures.

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