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The Project

What is it about?

This project aims at developing Open Digital Courses and supporting the respective institutional platform and other actions related with the development and creation of digital courses that will be posted in the relevant institutional platform of the University of Macedonia.

The educational material will be available in digital format and will be accessed both by the students of our University and the general public. The faculty members will take over the development / creation of the educational material, in collaboration with the project's support team. This material will be available under the Creative Common licenses.

The digital courses that will be developed are divided in two categories, A-and A +. The specifications are summarized as follows:

  • (A-): These courses include organized digital material covering basic technical specifications (eg notes, slides and other supporting material per lecture) which will be posted on the Internet in the format of Open Digital Courses.
  • (A +): These courses inlude, in addition to the above specifications, additional multimedia material (eg videolecturing, podcasts, and multimedia presentations in general).

What isn't it about?

The project "Open Digital Courses in University of Macedonia" is not a curriculum or distance education program and it does not offer a degree, a certificate or any proof of acquisition of knowledge. Also, in this project's context the University of Macedonia and its staff do not provide any form of teaching support.

Target Groups

This project aims to mobilize the Members of the Teaching and Research Staff of the University of Macedonia, which will be the creators of the educational content of the Open Courses, since their active participation constitutes a key determinant of the action's success.

Furthermore, the project is looking for the active participation of the general public that wants to attend the Open Digital Courses. The public includes both people that are directly concerned, such as the existing students of the University of Macedonia, and the general public that wants to acquire new knowledge or get further trained in their its of expertise.

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