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The faculty members will benefit by their participation in the "Open Digital Courses" project in the following areas:

Support in the course development

The faculty members have direct collaboration with the support team and provide guidelines for the development / creation of a new course. In particular, the support team will do the following:

  • Digitize the educational material, in case it is required.
  • Edit the presentations (eg Powerpoint files) and the notes (eg Word files), so that they meet the accessibility standards set for persons with disabilities.
  • Organize the structure and the content of the course in order to meet the requirements of the project, according to technical and pedagogical characteristics.
  • Post the educational material on the platform that hosts the project.
  • Have an advisory role in examining copyright issues related with the produced educational material, such as the use of book images etc.
  • Record, process, develop and publish lectures in video format.

Course content improvement

The development / creation of the Open Courses provides the proper conditions for the constant improvement of the course content, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Copyright Issues

The project provides an opportunity for coping with copyright issues. During the development / creation of the Open Courses copyright issues may arise which are important to be solved, both in personal and institutional level.

Audience enlargement

When a lesson is available for the general public, the audience that studies the relevant subject is growing bigger, since it comprises not only the institution's students, but it also extends to students from other institutions, alumni related with the institution or other institutions.

Videoconference recording

The lectures' recording in a digital video format will be carried out by a specialist team that has the appropriate skills and knowledge and the necessary hardware and software solutions.

Reputation enhancement and textbook advertisement

It has been observed internationally that the faculty members that participate in Open Courses can better promote their books.

However, it should be noted that the electronic books' availability is not related with this project's goals.

Enhance the reputation of the Academic Department and the Foundation

The Open Courses' number, quality and organization enhances the image of an academic department or institution, in comparison with departments or institutions with less or no Open Classes.

A good academic reputation can attract the best students in their choice for an academic institution or department.

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