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Music Pedagogy II

Κωδικός Μαθήματος



Τύπος - Εξάμηνο/α

Προπτυχιακό - Εαρινό


Stamou Lelouda

Λέξεις - Κλειδιά

music, pedagogy, education, learning, elementary education

Περιγραφή Μαθήματος

In the context of this course, students are guided to:
• Understand the different stages in musical development and the musical needs of students in elementary school.
• Understand the basic element of a"musical" and effective music lesson and to be able to organize exemplary music lessons for the elementary music classroom.
• Get acquainted with the official school music curriculum for the elementary school, and with the teaching material accompanying it.
• Develop the teaching skills (teaching methodology, lesson planning, class control, etc.) which are necessary for students to be able to offer exemplary and effective music teaching to elementary school students.
• Develop the music skills and a repertoire of activities (singing, movement, listening, music reading and writing, improvisation and composition, multi-artistic activities), from which they can draw material for their practicum teaching and their future teaching role.
• Obtain immediate experience of elementary school music teaching through observing music lessons in schools.

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