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Music Pedagogy I

Κωδικός Μαθήματος



Τύπος - Εξάμηνο/α

Προπτυχιακό - Χειμερινό


Stamou Lelouda

Λέξεις - Κλειδιά

music, teaching, method, musical development, musical talent, vocal development, singing, Orff, Kodaly, Suzuki, Dalcroze, evaluation

Περιγραφή Μαθήματος

In the context of this course, students are guided to:
• Investigate the importance of music education and their role as educators
• Understand the way one develops musically and to know the factors affecting this development.
• Get to know the basic historical, philosophical views and psychological theories and schools that influenced music pedagogy theory and practice.
• Get to know and understand the basic characteristics of the most important music education approaches (Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze, Suzuki, Kato Havas, Music Learning Theory, etc.), through their theoretical principles and the practical applications.
• Understand the organization of a music curriculum and the importance of planning in music teaching.
• Understand the basic elements that one aims at while observing music teaching. Observe music teaching at different educational levels and understand the basic principles for effective teaching at all ages.
• Get to know different ways of measurement and evaluation of music talent, music teaching and learning.
• Get to know basic principles for effective music teaching (instrumental,general music teaching, etc.)
• Develop critical thinking on issues of music teaching and start forming personal opinions on relative issues.

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