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Introduction to Scientific Research Methodology

Κωδικός Μαθήματος




Τύπος - Εξάμηνο/α

Προπτυχιακό - Εαρινό


Stamou Lelouda

Λέξεις - Κλειδιά

research, methodology, qualitative, quantitative, analysis, validity, reliability

Περιγραφή Μαθήματος

The course is about introducing students into basic concepts in scientific research and into developing critical thinking and research attitude in their everyday life as well as in the scientific field of their interest. The course attempts to address both theoretical and practical issues in scientific research. As far as theoretical issues are concerned, students get to know the basic principles, concepts, types and stages of scientific research. As far as practical aspects of research are concerned, this knowledge is applied and addressed in the context of small personal projects and presentations.

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